11 septiembre 2010


Fragmentos del cortometraje de Alan Berliner City Edition (1980)

Excerpts from the short film City Edition (1980) by Alan Berliner.

Fragmento de "Videoletter" (1982-83) intercambio de cartas filmadas entre estos dos artistas japoneses. VOSE.
Entrevista a la realizadora norteamericana Shelly Silver en el marco del VI Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Mar del Plata (MARFICI) Argentina, al que asistiera especialmente invitada como jurado en la Competencia Internacional. Conversamos sobre su metodología de trabajo, los tópicos que le interesa reflejar en sus obras y el futuro del cine independiente ante las nuevas tecnologías. Por Jorge Cappelloni, Verónica Paz y Oscar Álvarez.

Another great find from the Mutant Sounds 'whacked singles' floods, this avant synth NDW track by C.U.B.S. is very much infused with a post 'Movies' Czukay vibe. Taken from 'Bone Shake SKA' ep this is the most thrilling track - white knuckle radio (new) wave surfing with the pitch & speed of sampled voices manipulated - seemingly chucked randomly into the mix, yet keeping a strange symbiotic connection with the intense hooky bass line and subtle synth patterns. I came across their one and only '85 album 'From The Next Hill' and actually thought it was by shoe-gazers 'Ride' because the cover was so similar to one of their LPs. This release from 1981 was entirely new to me, however, and now gets repeated play - a sonically inventive micro-classic from a truly vibrant, exciting era... I wanted the video to glow, pulsate 'n' purr with C.U.B.S. and after scouting for a lot of 40s-50s instructional-educational animation I finally achieved something close to what I wanted... Hope you enjoy it. More whacked singles coming very soon.