11 septiembre 2010

Another great find from the Mutant Sounds 'whacked singles' floods, this avant synth NDW track by C.U.B.S. is very much infused with a post 'Movies' Czukay vibe. Taken from 'Bone Shake SKA' ep this is the most thrilling track - white knuckle radio (new) wave surfing with the pitch & speed of sampled voices manipulated - seemingly chucked randomly into the mix, yet keeping a strange symbiotic connection with the intense hooky bass line and subtle synth patterns. I came across their one and only '85 album 'From The Next Hill' and actually thought it was by shoe-gazers 'Ride' because the cover was so similar to one of their LPs. This release from 1981 was entirely new to me, however, and now gets repeated play - a sonically inventive micro-classic from a truly vibrant, exciting era... I wanted the video to glow, pulsate 'n' purr with C.U.B.S. and after scouting for a lot of 40s-50s instructional-educational animation I finally achieved something close to what I wanted... Hope you enjoy it. More whacked singles coming very soon.

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